Who/How do I help?

I consult community leaders through a series of six steps that get them from vision to action. These leaders typically hold titles like Mayor, Town Council President, Community Foundation Executive, Economic Development Director, etc. No matter the title, these are typically passionate, energized individuals who want to make a difference in their community through implementation of various housing initiatives that promote economic development and community prosperity. 

Vision to Action


1. We measure the local capacity to undertake a housing initiative through a leadership inventory I created.

2. We use the information from the Leadership Inventory to customize a technical assistance and leadership development program to undertake a housing initiative.


3. We measure the local housing market potential using a tested methodology that allows us to right-size the housing production program, and we engage local employers to finalize an implementation strategy.

4. We identify a Housing Market Potential Optimizer, which puts the wheels on the bus to get from a housing strategy to actual housing units constructed.  Using a capacity needs assessment, we customize a technical assistance and training program for the HMPO and its team. 

5. We create a housing financing toolkit to allow the community to drive the look and feel of each one of the catalyst projects it identifies in its housing strategy.

6. Finally, we design a housing program that puts the workforce into the "workforce housing" program through tools, such as down payment assistance, owner-occupied repair and other asset building tools that enable employers to better attract and retain a talented workforce.

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