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Unlock the Potential in Your Local Housing Market with a Housing Resource Hub

The Housing Resource Hub is the key to unlocking the potential in your local housing market. Establishing a housing resource hub allows communities with potential to turn their workforce housing dreams and plans into actual housing production. We are talking about real housing units and a pipeline of real people with names, goals, and dreams for buying or renting a home in your community. 


What is a Housing Resource Hub?
A Housing Resource Hub ("Hub") is the ultimate capital stacking vehicle, which acts like a mobile housing and community development unit helping your community optimize its housing market potential using the proprietary H.O.M.E. (Housing Optimization through Market Empowerment) Method.  Working alongside and in concert with existing public, private and nonprofit housing system partners, the Hub identifies and works to fills gaps in a way that optimizes the overall housing production system.  With our powerful Club 720 tool in hand, the Hub then reveals the potential that is hidden in your community's housing market by introducing the buyers and renters who want to live in your community and tracks their journey to get there.


Our Aim
Housing resource hubs are economic engines for the local economy that focus on talent recruitment and retention by reducing commute times, increasing homeownership, improving credit accessibility, and enhancing the net worth of residents in your community. We put the "workforce" into the workforce housing equation by harmonizing all local financing tools to counteract existing market forces and increase housing production.

What's Club 720?
Club 720 is a tool used by housing resource hubs to make your community's housing opportunities more available and accessible, even as it aims to transform your local housing market by turning abstract housing market data into tangible outcomes. We put real names, email addresses, and credit scores to those numbers, and most importantly, we understand the aspirations of your current and future community members, turning their goals into reality.


Join us on this Journey


Join the movement and witness how a housing resource hub can revitalize your community. Together, let's unlock your local housing market potential.


Contact us today to learn more about how launching a housing resource hub can make a difference in your community.

Our Six Steps to Success

Using these Six Steps, our communities are empowered to unlock their local housing market potential. Our user-friendly platform provides easy access to resources, ensuring scalability to reach larger populations.

1. Set the Table:

Our first step is to establish a core of local leadership and corporate stakeholders to build community capacity for understand the housing market and what's keeping it form reaching its highest potential. 

2. Understand the Market:

Next, we will perform an in-depth housing market potential analysis that will allow us to identify market forces that are keeping housing production at bay and establish housing production goals. Based upon this information we begin to build a comprehensive suite of credit-building tools, such as down payment assistance and informational workshops for prospective buyers.  

3. Jumpstart the Market:

Then, we identify Catalyst Sites and begin building public-private partnerships for designed to neutralize market forces and build toward what's possible. In this step, we also launch a marketing and media campaign to let buyers and renters know about housing opportunities.

4. Pivot to Production:

Working with a community-chosen non-profit Housing Market Optimizer, we begin to determine how to right-size community investment and measure the potential ROI.   By this time, the Amazon-like Club 720 marketplace is filling up with available down payment assistance programs, credit builder products and other key resources that are needed to support absorption of the housing to be produced.

5. Ramp Up:

Next, we complete the capital stacking need to fill development financing gaps in prioritized projects, using traditional and nontraditional funding tools available locally and through other key partners.  We will also officially launch Club 720 in the community to build a pipeline of buyers and renters, providing housing coaching and homebuyer programs for residents, members of the local workforce, and potential buyers and renters who live in other areas of the US (typically, up to 20% of the market). 

6. Optimize and Empower:

In this final step, we provide analytics and reports to help you make great decisions. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we provide information to help you to refine and adjust your strategies to dial in just the right balance of housing production for the targeted markets. 

The best part is we will be with you every step of the way, turning the vision of accessible and affordable housing for all into a reality.



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