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  • Heather PresleyCowen

Bridging Gaps and Building Futures: The Evolution of Club 720

In the dynamic landscape of housing and finance, Club 720 stands as a beacon of innovation and commitment. With a mission deeply rooted in solving the housing crisis and bridging the wealth gap, we are thrilled to announce the latest evolution in our journey: the transformation of our nonprofit arm into the Club 720 Development Corporation. Together with Club 720 Solutions, our for-profit entity (formerly known as Capacity Enhancement and Development Services), we are setting new standards in creating dynamic housing solutions for communities nationwide.

The Club 720 Ecosystem: A Dual Approach to Housing Solutions

Club 720 revolutionizes the housing market through a unique fintech software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, akin to a bustling marketplace of shoppers who know what they want and vendors seeking to attentively serve them. This ecosystem connects banks, lenders, Club 720 Coaches, and builders and developers with potential homebuyers and renters, facilitating seamless transactions and interactions. At the heart of this ecosystem lie two pivotal entities: Club 720 Solutions and the newly named Club 720 Development Corporation, working in tandem to empower individuals and communities.

Club 720 Solutions: Pioneering Technological Innovation

Club 720 Solutions, our for-profit arm, is the driving force behind the Club 720 platform, focusing on continuous development, updates, and licensing. This entity embodies our commitment to technological innovation, providing a scalable model for market expansion. Through licensing agreements and collaborations, we offer banks, lenders, and builders and developers a unique opportunity to leverage cutting-edge technology to meet the diverse needs of today's housing market.

Club 720 Development Corporation: Empowering Communities through Nonprofit Efforts

The Club 720 Development Corporation, our nonprofit entity, champions the deployment of the Club 720 platform to fulfill its noble mission of community empowerment. By working closely with local and state governments, this arm focuses on establishing housing ecosystems, offering accessible housing solutions, and delivering crucial financial education. Our approach is designed to ensure that every community member can navigate the housing market with confidence and support.

Synergy for Success: Collaboration and Impact

The collaboration between Club 720 Solutions and the Club 720 Development Corporation creates a powerful synergy, enabling us to deliver comprehensive solutions that address both technological and community needs. This dual-entity approach ensures that our innovations in the housing sector reach those who need them most, fostering inclusivity and prosperity across communities.

Strategic Partnerships: A Call to Action for Banks

We invite FDIC and its member banks to explore partnership opportunities with both Club 720 entities. Engage with our for-profit arm for technological advancements and consider licensing the Club 720 platform to enhance your services, including access to our strategic mortgage referral program. This program is designed to connect banks directly with potential homebuyers, streamlining the mortgage application process and providing targeted, high-quality leads to our banking partners. Additionally, collaborate with our nonprofit arm on community development projects, leveraging the platform for impactful educational programs and initiatives that support underserved communities. Through these partnerships, banks can not only extend their technological capabilities and market reach but also fulfill their Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) obligations by actively participating in initiatives that promote financial literacy and accessibility in housing.

Conclusion: A Vision for the Future

Our vision at Club 720 is clear: to transform the housing market through innovative solutions that empower individuals and strengthen communities. As we move forward, we invite all stakeholders to join us in this journey, embracing the opportunities that our dual-entity ecosystem offers.

Together, we can create a future where everyone has access to affordable housing and the opportunity to build wealth. Join us in this mission. Connect with Club 720 today and be part of the solution.

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