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Customized Coaching & Consulting for Community Leaders with Heather Presley-Cowen and the Capital Stacker Team

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Chief Capital Stacker

We develop customized B2B solutions that result in high performance Private-Public Partnerships (P3s). With more than 20 years of experience and more than $50MM in completed projects, Heather created Capacity Enhancement and Development Services, LLC (dba Capital Stacker) to support small and medium-sized communities as they seek to undertake complex community development initiatives with private sector partners, such as builders, developers and employers.


In 2017, Heather developed the Housing Optimization Market Empowerment (H.O.M.E.) Method, a proprietary system for implementing regional economic empowerment programs in communities of any size.  Today, the H.O.M.E. Method is being implemented through The Hub, a nonprofit housing corporation Heather co-founded in 2020 with Ryan Chasey of HPG Network. 

In 2020, Heather launched Club 720®, a SaaS platform that supports goal-oriented wealth builders as they set goals and build their Financial Resume ™ by connecting them with preferred program partners who offer grants, affordable loans, education resources and accountability coaching.



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In addition to making the world a better place for all, we believe in family, friends, home and hearth, warmth, creativity and living life to its very fullest. There is no better time than now to cultivate rich, lasting productive relationships with those who matter most, so go out and enjoy what's in your own backyard. For there is none greener on Earth.  ​

“Working with Heather gave us complete confidence in our ability to make a very difficult project happen.”

“Heather's attitude and enthusiasm about housing and community development is infectious! It paid big dividends for us to have her guidance on such a difficult project.”

“Heather is a great leadership coach! Her Trello board was just what we needed for our project.”


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