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Housing is Economic Development

I assist dynamic community leaders with #swagger to make their workforce housing dreams a reality.

  • Housing Resource Hub

Today, the H.O.M.E. Method is being implemented through the Housing Resource Hub, a nonprofit housing corporation Heather co-founded with High Performance Government Network in 2020. Heather is currently president and chief executive officer of the Housing Resource Hub.

  • Club 720®

In 2020, Heather created Club 720®, a fintech SaaS platform that puts the "workforce" into the workforce housing solution.  Club 720® supports goal-oriented wealth builders as they build their Financial Resume™ by connecting them with preferred program partners who offer grants, affordable loans, education resources and accountability coaching.

  • Housing 101 Mastermind

In Fall 2022, Heather will launch Housing 101, a mastermind group for regional planning organizations, government leaders, economic development organizations, community foundations, and other community development and housing enthusiasts who want to take action to accomplish their housing dreams in their communities. 



The H.O.M.E. Method

In 2017, Heather developed the Housing Optimization Market Empowerment (H.O.M.E.) Method, a proprietary system for developing and delivering workforce housing.

“Working with Heather gave us complete confidence in our ability to make a very difficult project happen.”

“Heather's attitude and enthusiasm about housing and community development is infectious! It paid big dividends for us to have her guidance on such a difficult project.”

“Heather is a great leadership coach! Her Trello board was just what we needed for our project.”

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